Pure Aromatherapy Oil - Blood Orange : The Witchery CPH

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The Witchery CPH, is a company that is passionate about the highest quality raw materials, from sustainable sources such as small EU farms, all organic, all pressed and extracted with the best methods to ensure all the powerful essences and antioxidants from the plants are retained.

Perfect for aromatherapy, home spa, do-it-yourself skin care. Sustainable essential oil

  • superb quality
  • best to relax, focus and unwind
  • for external use only
  • use it in the shower for home spa and aromatherapy
  • pure oil, no additives, no dubious methods
  • fragrance family: citrus

Refreshing, uplifting and sensual. Blood orange essential oil  brings the scent of Saville's courtyards into your life when needed and takes your mind and body to warm sunny days.

10ml glass bottle.