Lip Balm : L:A Bruket

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130 kr

L: a Bruket iconic lip balm nourishes and protects the lips deeply, everywhere, every time.

A minimalist formula with only 6 natural and organic ingredients, selected for its high efficiency and delicious sensuality.

✓ Provides long-term nutrition and hydration.

✓ The lips are soft and protected against external stresses.

✓ Healthy and natural look.

Key Ingredients: Almond Oil + Coconut Oil + Jojoba & Sunflower Oil: Rich vegetable emollient. Prevent water loss and protect the moisture barrier.

Beeswax: Powerful texturing for easy spreading and penetration of ingredients. Tocopherol (White E): Antioxidant. Skin softener.

Waterless formula: highly concentrated formulas, made exclusively with active ingredients, without any preservatives to ensure high tolerance.

100% of the ingredients are of natural origin. COSMOS-certified formula.

14 g. An iconic giant size, to be used without moderation.