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Your scent:

A subtle experience. It tells about who you are and want to be, today.

A vibrating desire to create your world, your life.

Where dreams, desires and aspirations get an ethereal body.

A potential to enhance and define yourself.

Inward, outward, upward, forward.

Your essence:

With our discovery set, you can select your favorites for your Fragrance Wardrobe and thus enhance your personal expression. A fragrance for your everyday life, a fragrance for comfort and a fragrance for the specific occasion.

A luxurious gift set with 9 spray bottles of 2ml eau de parfum.

The fragrances are : Bells in May (no longer available on general sale), Citrus spell, Patio, Bee mine, November violet, Fougère Sombre (currently out of stock of the full-size product), Steel by Naim, Mock Orange, Flavour of Love

Vegan perfume, with the exception of Patio, that contains beeswax.

Contains: Alcohol denat. ; Perfume (Fragrance) ; Aqua (Water) ; Benzyl Benzoate; Limonene; Citronellol; Linalool; Hydroxycitronellal; Butylphenyl Methylpropional ; Geraniol; Citral; Eugenol; Farnesol; Benzyl Alcohol Contains: Alcohol denat. ; Perfume (Fragrance) ; Aqua (Water) ; Benzyl Benzoate; Linalool; Limonene; Farnesol; Hydroxycitronellal; Geraniol; Citral; Coumarin; Citronellol; Benzyl Salicylate Contains: Alcohol denat. ; Perfume (Fragrance) ; Limonene; Linalool; Benzyl Salicylate; Hydroxycitronellal; Citronellol; Geraniol; Butylphenyl Methylpropional ; Citral Contains: Alcohol denat. ; Perfume (Fragrance) ; Benzyl Salicylate; Geraniol; Limonene; Alpha-Isomethyl Ionone ; Linalool; Citral Contains: Alcohol denat. ; Aqua (Water) ; Perfume (Fragrance) ; Linalool; Coumarin; Limonene; Geraniol; Benzyl Benzoate; Citral; Eugenol; Benzyl Salicylate; Isoeugenol; Citronellol; Farnesol Contains: Alcohol denat. ; Perfume (Fragrance) ; Aqua (Water) ; Linalool; Limonene; Geraniol; Citronellol; Citral; Eugenol Contains: Alcohol denat. ; Perfume (Fragrance) ; Hexyl Cinnamal; Benzyl Alcohol ; Benzyl Benzoate; Citronellol; Limonene; Linalool Contains: Alcohol denat. ; Perfume (Fragrance) ; Aqua (Water) ; Linalool; Limonene; Geraniol; Isoeugenol